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Yancheng Far East Chemicals Co., Ltd.


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      Flourescent Whitening Agent


      NO Product name C.I. No. Applying  field
      FN-8001 Whitening Agent OB FBA184 Whitening effect on PVC, PS, PE, PP, ABSandcoating
      FN-8002 Whitening Agent OB-1 FBA254 Whitening effect on Plastics, polyester-cotton blend fabric
      FN-8003 Whitening Agent FP FBA127 Whitening and brightening effect on  PVC, PP and leatheroid products
      FN-8004 Whitening Agent KCB FBA367 Plastic film, injection modled materials,EVA foamedplastics and rubber products
      FN-8005 Whitening Agent PF FBA135 Whitening and brighting effect on almost all of the existing plastics and their products
      FN-8006 Whitening Agent ER FBA199 Whitening and brighting polyester fabrics, PVC, PP, PE and so on

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